LITTLE TERRORISTS: ISIS Shows Off Their Latest Batch of Child Terrorists

terroristsSad and scary all at the same time.

Taking aim with his heavy machine gun in his hands, the young boy’s childhood appears to have finished now that he is one of ISIS newest recruits in Syria.

These are the latest batch of child soldiers, shockingly indoctrinated into the bloodthirsty jihadi group’s sickening ideology of brutality.

ISIS released these pictures on social media, boasting how the children were the new ‘cubs of the caliphate’ from the Syrian province of Damascus.

As well as learning about how to strip and re-assemble an AK 47 machine gun, the child recruits are taught how to wrestle and perform close combat moves.

Several boys seem to be smiling whilst the rest of the class look bored as two young boys wrestle on the pattern carpet on the floor.

All the children appear to be no older than about 10-years-old and generally appear relatively disinterested in being forced to handle weapons and fight one another.

Many of the recruits seem to be struggling with the clunky weight of the machine gun, forced to lean it against their knees as they shakily take aim.

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