LMAO: Hillary Clinton Featured in New Issue of ‘Women’s Health’–Talk About Awkward Timing

Um…I’m not going to read that magazine. Might get pneumonia, blood clots, hypothyroidism, or pass out and have to be carried. You get the picture; this is some serious awkward timing.

Before her collapse and health scare in New York City, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was interviewed for the latest issue of Women’s Health magazine.

The October issue of the magazine features a glossy photo of a glowing Hillary Clinton in an article that talks about her plans to help women if she’s elected president.

When asked about the biggest obstacle she faced during her campaign, Clinton said it was the new media culture.

“In the heat of a campaign, in a culture that rewards brevity and clever phrases on social media, it can be really tempting to give simple answers to complex problems,” she said. “That’s never been my style.”

Just in case you want to forward this to Women’s Health magazine, here is a video of Hillary falling a few days ago.

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