LMAO: Liberals Formulate Fake News Story That Trump Left a Secret Message in Inaugural Address — But They Forgot To…

HAHAHA! We think this is because liberals are feeling regret over picking Hillary instead of Bernie but it’s sure entertaining for us to watch. Check out their “message” then we’ll show you the truth that’s right in front of their eyes.


An image distributed via Twitter claims to have a found a humorous secret message in President Donald Trump’s inaugural address: “Bernie Would Have Won.”

An image of edited transcripts from Trump’s inauguration speech contains a “secret message,” spelled out using the first letter of the first words in a block of line breaks.

It’s gone viral on social media.

But here’s the thing, the power of editing, conveniently placed line breaks, and some wording alterations caused this message to be possible. Here’s the official transcript, released by the White House:


Wow! A little research goes a long way. But liberals shared and shared this. They fell for their own fake news story!

Lesson Learned: Don’t trust things you see on social media, especially if it’s coming from the Left.

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