LMAO: List of the Funniest Restaurant Reviews People Left Will Have You in Tears, But Wait Till You Read What The Owners Replied!

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. And these reviews hit the spot!

Bonus points go to the hilarious responses from the restaurants themselves!

Check these out and add another smile to your day!

The title of this review is almost poetic and shows that this reviewer has very strong feelings about the meat-less moussaka at Liman in Islington, which is currently rated as the best restaurant in London on TripAdvisor with 391 'excellent' reviews

This reviewer gave a little too much insight into his pastimes after he compared a restaurant called Holy Smoke in Wimbledon to a 'Spanish brothel' - which he says he has experience of

The manager of Greek restaurant Alexandros in Manchester, which is rated as the third best in the city on the website, made fun of this reviewer who criticised 'noise from the kitchen' and a staff member using a laptop in the restaurant

This reviewer decided to rename Birmingham's Royual Watan restaurant 'Royal RAT-an' after a bad experience at the third-placed IndianĀ 





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