LMAO! Trump is Announced as President and This Snowflake Loses His Sh*t

Take it easy, dude! You’re going to live, don’t worry. You’re probably going to need vocal cord surgery after that, though. For the rest of us, enjoy!

First of all, you’re welcome. But let’s thank ITV News for this. It is undeniably amazing. Whoever captured this moment, I nominate you for all the trophies, medals, plaques, ribbons. May you be blessed with sugary drinks sans petty judgment. Not since Trigglypuff has liberalism been so well represented in a singular video clip. Mazel tov.

Secondly, this is exactly how most leftists are feeling today. Well, and the last two months. Possibly the next four years. Methinks this is but the apex of those floating ice barges the left is so worried may melt. Much like their dreams of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Again I tip my hat to ITV News. So well done.

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