LOOK WHO’S TALKING: Hillary Clinton Tries to Rebrand Herself as a Robin Hood Figure Saying ‘Democracy Can’t Just be for Billionaires’

Hillary CHillary needs to be reminded which tax bracket she’s in.

Robin Hood has traded tights for a royal-blue pantsuit.

Hillary Rodham Clinton rebranded herself as an anti-Wall Street warrior who would take from the rich to give to the poor in an official presidential campaign launch Saturday on Roosevelt Island.

“Prosperity can’t be just for CEOs and hedge-fund managers. Democracy can’t just be for billionaires and corporations,” Clinton declared to 5,500 fans under blue skies at Four Freedoms Park.

It was a dramatic do-over of her April 12 Twitter announcement that she was running for the White House for a second time.

Since that launch, her campaign has struggled amid revelations that her family’s Clinton Foundation accepted questionable donations, suspicions over her use of private e-mail while secretary of state, and criticism she was ducking questions from the press and public.

“We’ve had the spring training, and now it’s opening day,” John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, told reporters 45 minutes before she took the H-shaped stage.

Power-girl pop songs, including Katy Perry’s “Roar,” Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger,” dominated the pre-speech playlist. And Clinton took the stage to the strains
of Sara Bareilles’ “Brave.”

The speech presented Hillary 2.0 as a populist who champions the nurses, food servers and farmers — and criticizes the “1 percent.”

“You see corporations making record profits, with CEOs making record pay, but your paychecks have barely budged,” she said.

Echoing Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1941 State of the Union address, in which he enumerated “the four freedoms” — freedom of worship and speech and freedom from want and fear — she declared the “four fights”: building the economy, strengthening families, defending the country from global threats, and reforming government.

She also asserted, without irony, that “we have to stop the endless flow of secret, unaccountable money that is distorting our elections, corrupting our political process, and drowning out the voices of our people.”

She said she would support a constitutional amendment to undo the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case, which refused to restrict super-PAC political spending.
Republicans weren’t buying it.

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