LOSING SUPPORT? LGBT Anti-Trump Protest in DC Turns Into a Pathetic Dance Party [WATCH]

Either liberals are losing steam or even they saw this attempt and thought ‘NOPE!’ This ‘protest’ tried to be a movement, an action against Trump, and failed. It some how turned into a junior high dance party, where some kids are trying to dance but most of them are along the walls talking or staring in horror.

By Lee Stranahan

Even on a beautiful day with temperatures in the high 60s, organizers could not muster a decent-sized protest turnout against President Donald Trump at an LGBT event on Sunday outside the Trump International Hotel, a few blocks from the White House.

A group of little more than two dozen protesters danced, kissed, held signs, and played music as an almost equal number of photographers captured the spectacle of social justice warriors who lacked any coherent message except free-floating contempt for the president who took office less than one month ago.

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