WHAT WE LOVE TO HEAR: How Texas is Taking Steps to Make Bearing Arms More Affordable

carry-gunWe all love our guns. And we like carrying them with us. But, between ammo, the gun, and all the fees to carry, the bills can rack up. Texas doesn’t want this to prevent people from carrying. That’s why they are doing this. And we LOVE it.

Wednesday afternoon, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick announced the pre-filing of a Texas Senate Bill that, if passed, would eliminate fees associated with obtaining a license to carry (LTC) permit in the Lone Star State.

Currently, the cost to obtain a permit is $140 and to renew is $70.

Since the Texas legislature doesn’t convene until mid-January, the language of the bill in its final form could be different than its current, pre-filed form. But it’s worth noting that how it currently reads, all language referencing a fee to obtain a license has been stricken.


In a press release, NRA-ILA, the grassroots arm of the NRA, announced its congratulations and support of the bill’s intent to make obtaining a license attainable for Texas citizens at every income level. At $140, Texas has one of the highest fees in the country.

The release reads:

“Your NRA-ILA applauds Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and state Senator Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville) for prioritizing and pre-filing legislation for the 85th regular session to address License To Carry (LTC) fees in Texas. Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston), chair of the Senate State Affairs Committee, will co-author the bill with Sen. Nichols.

It continues:

“This is important legislation for the 2017 Texas Legislative Session — License To Carry (LTC) fees in the Lone Star State are some of the highest in the nation. No hard-working, law-abiding Texan should be priced out of the ability to exercise his or her right to self-defense.”

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