LOVE HURTS: Man Proposes Only to Get Bashed in Head with Ukulele by his Sweetheart (VIDEO)

Gents, here is a lesson to learn.  Do not propose to your sweetheart of 3 months in a mall with a string quartet serenading her unless you are 100% sure she is going to say yes… otherwise it is just embarrassing for you and hilarious for the spectators.

If you still plan on proposing to her with a string quartet, at least make sure there isn’t a ukulele in the mix.

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  • bobby1122

    Fake as can be.!

    • Marilyn Z

      Agree…don’t know what their point was unless to create a commotion and get on Youtube.

  • mac12sam12

    Are you happy now Habib?

  • Pa John
  • Donald Joy

    LMAO that is so utterly hilarious I’m having a hard time thinking it wasn’t fake…but maybe it wasn’t…LOL poor guy

  • Jessi

    I truly hope that was a fake set up. A simple “No” would suffice, yet the female wasn’t satisfied until she battered him in the head area with a musical instrument. I feel the actions demonstrated by the proposed bride show she isn’t the one to take home to meet momma. What if she gets in one of her snits and takes a large iron skillet up side your moms head or a pancake griddle smashed into dad’s face. Or, we could be looking at the next reality show. Who will the dissed bride batter this week. Hint: She won’t be battering fish. I still feel this is a set-up.

  • Huffer

    People do things like this girl did when another person does not think things through but only thinks of themselves. He mentioned nothing about how he would make her happy. He embarrassed her so badly she lost control because her head was probably spinning at the audacity of someone she thought was her friend would do such a thing.
    Hey Ali…this ain’t Iran or the middle east!
    Time to pay the fiddler…or should I say the ukulele player…!!

  • Paladin

    I don’t know which was more funny… her reaction… perhaps it was the train that said “Not So Sweet” or maybe it was the cleaning lady who was mopping the floor.

    Maybe she knew that there might be some blood letting so she wanted to stick around.

    Anyway… EPIC failure.

  • ManOfTheLog

    Oh wow. Ouch. Methinks this guy was likely a selfish turd & this was just one in a series of self-aggrandizing acts that were just too much for the lady. Still, funny!

  • TNlawguy

    I could be that he had not made any strong romantic overtures to her up until this point, but was just acting like he wanted to be “friends.” From the limited information in the video there’s nothing to suggest that she felt as if they were even dating. There are people out there who fixate and invent their own reality regarding a romantic relationship based on nothing but a platonic encounter or relationship.

  • Dominic De Falco

    What a complete and utter fool!

  • Marsue

    Well, it appears she does not want to marry him. After what she did, he should not want her.

  • georgev

    What an idiot.
    What kind of fool would say the things he said to her?
    I can only judge from what he was saying at the time, but if that is an example of his character then she should of hit him with the guitar instead.

    • Centurian

      El Kabong!

    • Allerious

      Men deserve to be physically assaulted for their stupidity. Great lesson.

      Wimmin, on the other hand, should not so much as have a finger laid on them for THEIR stupidity.
      Such great lessons you’re teaching people.

  • trugrits

    I think he needs lose her number and find a big fat pretty girl and be happy for the rest of his life.

  • Marcus Porcius

    It’s an interesting commentary on things when almost every comment attacks the man and/or thinks it’s funny. If this was the other way around, it would be all about domestic violence and how he should go to prison.

    Apparently, the poor, abused oppressed women of the world can still commit felony domestic battery with not only impunity, but with the victim being targeted for scorn. Yay for equality, ladies.

    • Allerious

      “Yay for equality, ladies.”

      I think you mean, “Yay for equality, conservative white knights.”

      Faux-conservative WK males are the greatest enemies of men.

      Real conservative beat their wimmin to keep them in line. It’s in the bible.

  • 44events

    Three months is too little to propose,but he seemed to be too desperate to marry her, as if his visa status was near its expiration. She felt embarrassed, that’s why she punched him on the head with the ukulele. Probably she was not expecting him to propose or she does not like serenades. Certainly he was the problem. when he proposed he rushed as if he were in a competition to see how quickly he was delivering the message. Sweety pie? C’mon! she’s not a baby!,that’s why she hit him. These proposals should be done not in front of the general public, unless he wanted to show off. Serenades? A Mexican habit that should have never went through the border!

  • Anthony Alexander

    This guy sounds like A LOT OF GUYS out there. Putting their heart on their sleeve to be stepped on.

    First listen, to what he says……….. they have only been seeing each other for 3 months hardly enough time to know someone. Then he sets himself up for disappointment by proposing, not in private, but in public to further humiliate the woman. This guy probably with only 3 months of time did not get to know her and she does not know him enough to commit to a lifetime commitment.

    The entire matter is created by an infatuated male with his masculinity removed from co-dependency. She is right in bashing him over the head because he probably didn’t get the hint before, because one can bet that he hinted around marriage long before getting to this point and he probably never heard her or didn’t want to hear her at that time that marriage is out of the question………Get over it

    • Douglas Moore

      I agree but my only worry was if the musician was going to get reimbursed for his ukulele. She should have used her hand or a shoe.

      • fcsuszka

        Oh come on now. Where is your sense of adventure? It all adds up. Three months of seeing her and the stupidity of proposing. Of course some on this thread think it was faked which it well could have been.
        Mousy little man with a squeaky little voice. HA! Should have smacked him harder.

    • Allerious

      Unprovoked violence against men by wimmin is okay…we need to “get over it”.

      Violence against wimmin by men, on the other hand…

      • Anthony Alexander

        Need to get over what?…..It underscores what I have been observing from a distance in the US for many years……………the real modern day male………a real man….They all need a maid and a mommy……………….LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Wakinthesleepygiant

          I would have to agree with you on this point. the pussification of males and of the american citizens is running rampant in this world…. Us, Americans, need to wake up and see that the world believes we are cowards and bullies. I know I didn’t want this to happen but it has and we need to take back our country…. Political Correctness is ruining our country……

      • gw111

        I think she was provoked. She tried to stop him from kneeling and he didn’t. a blow to the head with a ukulele was just a wake up call.

  • jcbjr

    I do not pretend to know anything about their relationship prior the “El Kabonging”, nor will I speculate. I do know that am very glad to be married for 29 years to a woman that I share love and respect with, along with 12 kids and 2 grands. The dating environment today is weird at best. Probably best for both of them that it ended early. Until you have put self centerdness away and dedicated yourself to being a couple, you are better off alone. So is the poor shmuck you are dating!

  • Spanky

    Top of the list of stupidest things I’ve seen this week.

  • bmrtoyo

    great if you want to marry tatoo from the love boat lmao

    • Oif Eagle

      Tattoo was on Fantasy Island, dumbass.

      • bmrtoyo

        fantasy island , love scroat , whatever , back to your moms basement ,trivia troll

        • Hugh Mannity

          Actually, stupid, you brought it up, not Oif Eagle. But, in a childish manner, you lash out at being corrected. Typical crybaby. Thanks for showing us all what an ass you are, and have a nice life!

  • eganstew3

    Fake, I do not know. This I do know she should not have hit him unless it was for self defense. She had no right to hit him unless it was in play and he was in on it. She did not show herself a lady,and he should be glad to find that out now instead of a year from now when he was abused daily.

  • Traveller62

    Sounds like an EXTREMELY controlling person. She saw right through it, and ran when she had a chance. Three months into a relationship? NO!! Low information Latinos and muzzlims are very good at “latching-on” early in the relationship and not wanting to let go when the woman says “no”. They get aggravated very easily and cannot understand WHY the woman says “no”, when they are taught from a very early age that they are the greatest thing in the world, and no woman will be able to resist him. They also get even, by going back to the woman exacting revenge in the worst way. She was right to KABONG him on the head. She needs to “Get the hell out of Dodge” while she is still alive to do it. NOW!!

  • Furious

    Any lawyer will tell you that you never ask a question if you don’t already know the answer.

  • Hyrdr

    Too bad his mother didn’t tell him what my mother told me. She said “Son don’t lose your head over a little piece of tail”………………..

  • FTLJohnson

    You work for the Daily mail and never posted an update or retraction here? I hope you got paid by Cadbury.

  • dicksi

    This marriage proposal went a lot better than mine. During my proposal I said “you sweat less than any fat girl I know” and “because you’re so old and wrinkled that I’ll probably have to screw the ring on your finger”! After that…it was all downhill.

  • fcsuszka

    Ahhh Alrighty then. HA!

  • thefirstdiggit

    I told my wife of 17 years I loved her on our 3rd date (2 weeks after meeting) I thank God for her and my son every day.

  • greyghost69

    Hahahaha! What a dork!

  • chaslie45

    He’d been better off if he had gotten ran over by that train.

  • chaslie45

    He should be thankful. Now he knows what he could have expected if they had gotten married.

  • bill45colt

    j guess that’s a no….no need to be spending good money on that bittttt,,ch again. Cut your losses, good loving can be had for a cheaper price if you just look in the yellow pages. Don’t have to wake up beside her sleeping there and being in the way at your apt either!!! A rental is best when it comes to boats, airplanes, and women.

  • bill45colt

    on the other hand, maybe 3 months is enough time to get to know someone. I know, some late nights, after some encouragement from a friend of mine, Ive probably proposed several times. No one took me up on it though. Friend was Jack——–Daniels

  • Scott McGinn

    Hey dummies… This is a comedy bit. Move on.

  • Razorgirl53

    This is one clueless dude. Save the public spectacle and videoing for the wedding when you are both on the same page. What a dork.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    An Ukulele is a very light instrument. She could have smashed it to pieces over his head and that wouldn’t have caused him to fall over? I’m wondering if this video is for real?

  • bobmead1960

    Thank goodness they weren’t working on the stand behind them with a hammer! Lights out!

  • Rapier Half-Witt

    How do we know that that wasn’t her way of saying ‘yes’?

    Women in the world today are allowed to be as abusive, controlling, manipulative and nasty as they want to be because the boys (not men) have all been emasculated. Why have the boys all been emasculated? Because it’s politically incorrect to be of the male gender now.

    I am very happily single again after putting up with years of BS from the likes of the c### in this video.

  • Truth Teller

    This isn’t real. The guy who just had his ukulele trashed against the guy’s head just stands there like nothing happened. And I really liked the girl behind them with the slop bucket mopping the floor!!

  • Claude M. Dionne

    I guess this relationship has been “swept over” by a ‘scorned’ woman. After a while, their dating cycle could have become a “train wreck” (ah! ah! ah!).

  • joshuasweet

    as the train said “Not so sweet”

  • Jim Johnson

    And this is news worthy how?

  • sovereigntyofone

    Love’s a ” hurtin’ thang ” especially if you’re a moron on top of it.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

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