Loyal To The Core: You Will Never Believe What This Dog Did to Save It’s Owner’s Life [VIDEO]

Editor’s Note: What a loyal dog! Without flinching, this dog immediately tackles his owners attacker. What an awesome video!



    • mogul264

      You are an idiot. Get help!

  • DenverKitty

    Outstanding dog!!

  • Hoodoo H


  • Bruce1369

    Hmmm… Unusual, usually owners/workers are armed in gun stores.

    • Don’t Even Try It!

      He was…with a badass dog. I liked how he helped the dog over the counter! Go get ‘em!

      • Bruce1369

        Yes, I loved that!
        If that bstrd would have hurt my dog, I’d have shot both his knees out.

        • Don’t Even Try It!


  • johnh

    The store owner is not the bravest person in the world. Most gun store owners carry in the store

    • boone1

      I have been in a lot of gun stores and all of the people that work there had guns on them.So I would have to say this was put on for training if not than the worker here was an out and out coward.

      • Richard Brandt

        Like I said above, “What has this got to do with the story?”
        The Worker a Coward? Prove It!!

    • Richard Brandt

      What has this got to do with the story? Bad guy tries to rob store. Bad guy points gun at owner. Dog says, “Not on my watch you don’t.” Nowhere does it say anything about being “Brave”.

      • urbanvrwcmom

        Along with ear scratches and belly rubs. Dogs love ‘em!

    • Ben

      Actually, while it’s true that most gun store owner/operators carry firearms on their person, you will notice that there was not exactly a lot of time to draw said firearm. The criminal had the gun pointed at the guys belly, if you’ve ever been shot at or had a gun pointed at you, you should know, YOU DON’T STAND IN THE LINE OF FIRE WHILE DRAWING YOUR WEAPONS. You seek cover/avoid fire THEN draw your weapon. The dog reacted while the owner/operator was avoiding getting gut shot and when the criminal ran, he assisted his dog who was already on the case so to speak. So please, stop talking about how this guy was a coward, cause he did what he needed to do to get shot, which happens to be the right thing. Remember, everyone going home at the end of the day and not the hospital or morgue, is what you want, even if the criminal gets away.

  • cathy

    Dogs are the best people. Licks for this wonderful dog.

  • disqus_iCgF4UjXVT

    Why didn’t that clerk grab one of those guns off the wall and shoot that SOB after the dog nailed him? I think this was an advertisement that someond put on you tube.

    • MyRoseHasTHORNS

      @@ They aren’t loaded

    • rivahmitch

      He could have picked up the one the PoS dropped and shot it instead of just boosting his loyal friend up over the counter. Dog = 10 points. Owner = 0.

      • Don’t Even Try It!

        1) The threat was over after the dog attacked and the perp dropped his gun…
        2) Owner should not touch the gun or move it or he could destroy evidence (poss. of prior crimes)…
        3) If owner would have shot at perp, bullet could have kept going into the sidewalk and street, poss. injuring bystanders…
        4) If owner injured or killed the perp while perp was retreating, then owner would be facing several charges and lawsuits.

      • Joseph Mertens

        That would have ruined the finger prints of the perp and screwed up the investigation and prosecution of the crime.

      • Sharon

        Says the armchair quarterback.

  • Work2SnowSki

    Big Steak for dinner!

  • earlwatters

    that was not real it was for training

    • wayne74467

      I wonder how many of these “brave men” who would do this and do that have ever been faced with this situation.

    • Sharon

      Please provide a link to prove your assertion.

  • Dempsey Coleman

    Man’s Best Friend What a courageous Dopg!

  • ron44

    Good Dog..love this,,hope the perp has teeth marks for his badge of dishonor..suker needs a good bite on his pecker..also..damn pecker head needed to pay the full price also..

  • Gideon Rockwell

    Give that dog a prime rib for dinner he earned it. I hope the thug involved left with out the seat of his pants and some flank steak size chunks of his rear.

  • Ovomit1

    …I wish he could have helped his loyal dog ..by sending a couple hollowpoints dead center into that democrat

    • Don’t Even Try It!

      Wishful thinking ;-)



  • Richard Brandt

    “Good Boy!!”

  • marcdepiolenc

    Good outcome, but while the dog was keeping the thug busy the clerk should have produced his own pistol and ended the fight right there.

    • Don’t Even Try It!

      Only take a life when you actually have to. The dog had it under control and the owner knew it and so did the perp!

  • victry

    Good Dog. Now go finish the job while the man cowers behind the counter surrounded by weapons.

    • Don’t Even Try It!

      You DON’T shoot at a fleeing person! He was no longer a threat.

    • Sharon

      Why don’t YOU show us all what to do? Put your money where your mouth is.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Give that dog a great, big, giant juicy T-bone steak. Good doggie!

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Give that dog a great, big, giant T-bone steak!

  • http://www.blacksoulsbook.com Patrick Thomas

    One well trained dog. Wish I had one.

  • Karl 1924

    Looks like a set up video to me. Look at the assailants right forearm when the dog attacks. There is a white patch exactly where the dog bites the arm. Also, why is the assailant wearing a heavy coat when the store owner is wearing a short sleeve polo shirt?

  • Sharon


  • PatRiot

    Staged video, perp has gun held low at dog’s position behind the counter, employee not carrying? I call B***S***

  • Chained

    Once the dog had his arm the POS should have had his brain pan evacuated by a 45

  • quincyman

    How do you work in a gun store and not have a gun on your hip or in your hand. In most states if not all it’s the law. I’ve never seen anyone stupid enough to hold up a gun store….

  • Ben

    GOOD DOG! Now go tear his arm off!!

  • boyo

    Too bad the armed robber will sue and then own the gun shop….

    Only in Amerika.

  • Sarah Conner

    Good dog…now gun shop owner,strap on a gun and train,train,train…

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