LOYAL DOG: Pup Sniffs out Cancer Stricken Owner from Home to Hospital, some 20 Blocks Away [VIDEO]


If only people cared as much as dogs do.

This is the heartwarming moment a tiny schnauzer proved the bond between a dog and its owner was unbreakable.

Trotting gently into the foyer of a hospital, little Sissy was seen poking her nose around, apparently searching for someone special.

Inside the hospital, Nancy Franck, Sissy’s owner, was being treated for cancer and had already been in Mercy Medical Center for two weeks following surgery.

Plucky Sissy was clearing missing her ‘mum’ as on Saturday she decided to set off on a joinery to find her beloved owner and be reunited with her.

Nancy’s husband Dale was devastated after learning the beloved pooch had gone missing, but his tears were short lived after he was told the stunning news the dog had turned up at the hospital after apparently tracking down where her best pal was being cared for.

Speaking to local news channel KCRG, Mercy security officer Samantha Conrad said: “We looked up and there was this dog that was just running across the lobby.

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