MAJOR GARRETT DARES TO QUESTION: CBS Correspondent Questions Iran Deal and Obama Isn’t Happy About It [WATCH]

Obama-GuiltyFinally, someone calls out Obama on this deal.

Obama and John Kerry’s nuclear deal with Iran is simply the greatest piece of diplomacy every undertaken by mankind.  It’s that good.  Never mind that it virtually guarantees Iran will get the bomb, throws our allies under the atomic bus, and jumpstarts a mid-East arms race.  You – and Congress – are not to question its complex brilliance.

For the most part, the press has been happy to play along. Reporters sit there like good little lemmings, shut their mouths, and write puff pieces in which they extoll the President’s obvious genius.

…Except Major Garrett didn’t play ball. The CBS White House correspondent had to go and throw some sand in Obama’s nuclear Vaseline by asking a real question. The President didn’t care for that one bit.

Hear that, you simpleton? You should know better. Obama cares deeply about the four Americans currently being held by Iran. It weighs upon his soul like a thousand copies of Ted Cruz’s new book.

No, their lives weren’t important enough to stop Obama’s efforts to ensure that one of the planet’s worst state sponsors of terrorism goes nuclear, but trust him.  “Those folks” are at least somewhat important.

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