WHAT THE… Man High on METH Causes $1MIL in Damages After Ramming Truck into Airplane

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 11.06.23 AMWord of advice, don’t do meth. Doing meth will make you lose your mind, hijack a truck and ram it into an airplane, because you thought someone was trying to kill you. Don’t believe me? Read this news story.

According to reports obtained by KETV NewsWatch 7, Delario Koonce, 35, trespassed into Eppley Airfield Thursday and caused nearly $1 million in damages while he was high on meth.

Police say, Koonce was involved in a disturbance with officers and fled on foot, telling authorities someone was trying to kill him.

Koonce scaled a fence and got onto the tarmac before stealing a Southwest Airlines 2012 Chevy Silverado, reports say.

Police had this to say about the indecent:

“He drove it erratically until he rammed it into the Boeing 737 that was parked. There were no skid marks and no indication that Konce tried to stop or avoid the collision. Both air bags deployed and there was heavy damage to the front end and windshield of the truck.”

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