Man Protects 3 Kids, Fires Shot at Masked Intruder

12899855-grunge-portrait-man-in-gas-mask-with-gunA Lexington man fired a shot at a masked man trying to break into his home Sunday night.

Police say three adults and three sleeping kids were inside a home along Boysenberry Street in the Suburban Trailer Court around 10:30 p.m. when somebody started beating on the door. They all went into a back room and one resident came out with a gun. He says he spotted…


  • kid721952

    The comfort of a firearm in the home and if Obama and the democrats get their way intrusions into the home will only get worse,DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUN YOUR FAMILY DEPENDS ON IT

  • Buffalo Bill

    This is where gun control is needed. He should have hit his target :)

  • hangman57

    You break into my house ,I’m not talking I’m shooting.

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