MAN WITH FAKE BOMB: Threatens TV Station, When the Cops Arrived Then Things Got Explosive

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 5.50.39 PMWord of advice, don’t do what this guy did. How many of you think he was on drugs?

A Baltimore TV station has been evacuated after a man dressed as a hedgehog walked in claiming to have a bomb.

The unidentified suspect dressed in costume entered the Fox 45 offices on the city’s TV Hill at 1:00pm and told staff he had an explosive strapped to his chest.

It turned out the ‘device’ was actually a ‘flotation device’ with chocolate bars attached together with wire, according to police.

A short time after speaking to a security guard, the 25-year-old man from Howard County left and was gunned down by police after continually ignoring their requests.

Pictures taken from outside the building show the individual – wearing a white onesie with grey ears – leaning against the wall of the lobby and looking relaxed.

He also appeared to be wearing a white medical mask and black sunglasses during the bizarre confrontation.

Police spokesman T.J. Smith told the media said he walked in and showed a contractor a flash drive and then revealed wires attached to his chest.

Shortly after the building was cleared, he reportedly left and walked towards heavily-armed SWAT officers.

After a stand-off where he ignored police orders, he was shot by a police counter sniper. His condition is not known.

Bomb technicians were then sent to the scene to analyse the vest on him as he lay in the middle of the road.

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