MANHUNT HEATS UP: Chicago Area Cop Killers Still on the Run as Shooting Marks 4th Killing in 9 Days of…

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The manhunt was expanded Wednesday for three suspects sought in the fatal shooting of a  veteran police officer in a quiet village 60 miles north of the city.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Christopher Covelli told the Associated Press on Wednesday that more than 400 officers from numerous departments conducted an exhaustive and complete search of the immediate area of the shooting on Tuesday.

“That means we’re not searching within that perimeter area anymore,” Covelli told AP. “The suspects were not within our perimeter.”

Covelli said officers were conduction “saturation patrols” in a larger area.

The killing in Fox Lake marks the fourth tragedy in nine days across the USA where a law enforcement officer has been slain while going about his regular duties.

The incident in the far north Chicago suburbs comes after a Harris County, Texas, sheriff’s deputy was gunned down Friday as he fueled his patrol car. Police on Saturday arrested Shannon Miles, who they said shot 15 bullets into Deputy Darren Goforth, 47. Sheriff Ron Hickman described the killing as a “cold-blooded assassination.”

On Aug. 26, police officer Henry Nelson was gunned down in Sunset, La. Two days earlier, Senior Trooper Steven Vincent, of the Louisiana State Police, was shot in the head and then taunted after he stopped to provide aid to a man whose truck was stuck in a ditch. Police said a witness to the fatal shooting heard the suspect tell the trooper after he shot him, “You’re lucky, you are going to die soon.”

In the most recent incident in Fox Lake, Ill., Police Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz was shot and killed while pursuing a group of suspicious men. Police with helicopters and dogs conducted a massive manhunt in northern Illinois for suspects in the death of the veteran cop and a father of four sons.

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