When Marco Met Ivanka: The Most Awkward Hug in Political History


When President Trump dubbed Rubio ‘Little Marco’ during the primary elections, he hammered the nail on the head.

The Florida senator is anything but tall.

So when he went up to greet Ivanka Trump with a hug on the US Capitol floor, it proved for an awkward moment.


Especially since Ivanka put up a wall.

As a result, the Florida Senator appeared to be tumbling into a rigid Ivanka in a photo snapped at that moment, which once again showed a Trump towering over Rubio.

The photo was made even more awkward by the expressions of the pair, with Rubio flashing a giant smile and lvanka displaying a look of complete indifference.

She also had not yet taken her sunglasses off as she was just entering the building.

Even the Secret Service agent assigned to Ivanka seemed to be confused about what was happening, with the photo capturing the utterly perplexed look on the man’s face.



I mean honestly…

This is the funniest thing that has happened all day!


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