Marine Wrestles with Great White Shark to Shore

While many shark species have been reeled in by enthusiastic anglers from shore, very rarely—if ever—has video been taken of a great white shark captured in this manner. According to the New York Daily News, Marine Gunnery Master Sergeant Jeff Fangman emerged victorious after a 25-minute battle with a great white earlier this year, pulling the large predator near land. The incredible catch happened in late October off the coasts of Marine Base Camp Pendleton in California.

“Seeing it in the water was just […] it was almost mind blowing,” Fangman told ABC 10 in a recent interview. “It’s taken several weeks to get the whole ordeal to sink in.”

The Marine had recently moved to the area with his wife and daughter from the Gulf Coast, and decided to test out the local waters with a family fishing trip. Fangman is an experienced angler and has a love for fighting sharks, although he was expecting…

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