Masked Muslims Destroy Thousands of War Heroes’ Graves

Yes, even the graves of non-Muslims are not safe.

Almost 2,000 graves were vandalized in a campaign of destruction, along with the St. Joseph Church that overlooks the graveyard. The church was demolished to the ground.

The masked militia obliterated the cemetery of a former British colony of Aden, Yemen.

With sledge hammers the ISIS fanatics smashed 1,927 graves and monuments at the Hafoon Cemetery in Maal.

They contain the remains of British military personnel who served in the forces between 1839 and 1967.

The destruction happened in December 2015, but despite years passing nothing has been done to restore the graves.

Peace negotiator Dominic Ryan, 46, took the shocking photos in a bid to galvanize a response and clean-up effort.

He said: “I would hope that these pictures might initiate a response to get people to come here and restore the cemetery.”

The bloodthirsty group are well known for destroying monuments and historical buildings

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission said it had bene unable to repair the damage because of the instability and conflict in the region.

Tory MP Johnny Mercer said: “The people who did it will never know the sort of qualities and principles that those men fought for and died


The destruction has left family members outraged.

Derek Forrester, 68, of Swanley, Kent, is the nephew of Royal Navy Reserve Francis Fantha whose grave was among the rubble. He said: “It’s an appalling act of vandalism and shows complete disregard for all those buried there.”

Of course these extremists have no regard for the living, so why should they care about disrespecting the dead?

If Muslims want to destroy the civilized western society, there should be consequences for them.

It’s time to stop avoiding this issue.

No longer can we turn the other cheek and carry on as normal. Look at where it has gotten us.

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