MCAULIFFE & WANG: Footage Reveals the Governor and Chinese Billionaire Partying at Clinton House–As FBI Probes Charity Donations [EXCLUSIVE]

If this doesn’t smell funky, your sniffer must be broken. McAuliffe is under investigation by the FBI for taking money from the Chinese while running Bill Clinton’s charity foundation. The very billionaire they’re accusing Terry of taking the money from is caught on film with him at the Clinton’s house.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe may not recall ever having met Chinese billionaire businessman Wang Wenliang, but he certainly spent some time inside the same well-appointed home – as exclusive footage obtained by Daily Mail Online reveals.

Both men can be seen walking up to the front door of Hillary Clinton’s home off D.C.’s Embassy Row on September 30, 2013, according to video footage obtained by a ‘tracker’ who was filming guests who attended the event.

Both men also appeared in a CNN report Monday that the FBI and the Department of Justice were investigating McAuliffe’s campaign finances, including $120,000 in campaign contributions linked to Wang.

The footage, obtained by anti-Hillary opposition research group America Rising, shows the two men arriving separately to attend the big bucks fundraiser.

Wang can be seen walking up the sidewalk toward Hillary’s home, accompanied by an entourage. McAuliffe can be seen getting out of a black SUV and walking into the funder.

A couple hours after arriving, the men left separately after dark and were escorted back into their vehicles.

Time magazine reported this week that McAuliffe had invited Wang to the fundraiser, and a Wang representative told the publication that the two men shook hands at the event.

McAuliffe this week blasted federal officials for leaking the apparent investigation.

‘I was somewhat shocked when this got leaked, he said in a Wednesday radio interview. ‘It is very unfortunate that our institutions of integrity like the Justice and the FBI would leak information. They should be held to a higher standard.

Earlier, he disputed whether he even had met Wang, who obtained a position in the Chinese People’s Congress and whose firm got contracts to constructive the Chinese embassy in D.C.

Rilin Enterprises, the firm Wang runs, made a  $2 million contribution to the endowment of the Clinton Foundation in 2013 to aid the foundation’s charity efforts.

‘This has nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation,’ McAuliffe said this week.

‘This was an allegation of a gentleman who gave a check to my campaign,’ McAuliffe added. ‘I didn’t bring the donor in. I didn’t bring him into the Clinton foundation. I’m not sure if I’ve ever met the person, to be honest with you. I know the folks who worked in his company. It had nothing to do with he Clinton Foundation.’

Later, McAuliffe said his staff had informed him that several meetings with Wang, a legal resident, had likely occurred.

‘I did no deals,’ McAuliffe said Wednesday. I would not know the man if he sat in the chair next to me.’

Wang gave $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation within weeks of the fundraiser in D.C.

McAuliffe, who previously ran the Democratic National Committee and headed fundraising for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, has hired James W. Cooper, a partner at the law firm Arnold & Porter, to represent him in the matter.

Cooper told The Washington Post that federal investigators ‘for whatever reason’ got interested in McAuliffe’s foreign sources of income from the time before he got elected governor in early November of 2013.

‘All of this income is from the governor’s time as a private citizen and businessman who did deals that were well publicized around the world. So the fact that he had foreign income was not remarkable,’ Cooper told the paper.

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