Megyn Kelly Dumped From Speaking Gig For Really Ridiculous Reason [VIDEO]

Recently, Megyn Kelly had been asked to host a gun violence gala organized by Sandy Hook Promise, an anti-gun advocacy group formed after the killings at Sandy Hook.

But now they are giving her the boot.

Don’t get the wrong idea, we’re all for Megyn Kelly being dropped from speaking in general, especially at an anti-gun gala, but not for this reason.

Now, why was she kicked out?

She committed the high treason of speaking with someone not on the far left.

Megyn posted a video promoting her upcoming interview with Alex Jones, which received a lot of negative attention. The interview itself will air on Fathers’ Day.

Jones has said that the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was a hoax, which families of the victims have taken offense to, taking to Twitter to express their feelings on the interview itself.

Before she was dropped, she received a lot of heat for daring to speak to him.

JP Morgan pulled ads from NBC news.

The daughter of the principal killed in the attack spoke out against it as well as one of the mothers of the children killed.

Now we understand the outrage, but this is the same network that initially brushed off the Kathy Griffin “beheading” incident.

Also, talking to someone doesn’t mean that you agree with them. Especially if you’re interviewing them.


No one boycotted Tucker Carlson on the countless times he’s brought idiots on his show, but that doesn’t matter.

Now, fortunately on this site, as it should be across the country, we can say whatever we want (within the limits of the First Amendment). Since when did our country become “the land of the politically correct and the home of the left”?

Make sure your voice is heard. Don’t let the thought policing of the SJWs and mainstream media corrupt you. And remember, Conservatism is the new counter-culture.

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