MEGYN KELLY: SLAMS Hillary for Using her Name to Bash Trump – Challenges Hillary To…

kelly-and-clintonDespite Kelly and Trump’s colorful past, she’s still not a fan of Clinton. And she isn’t going to let Hillary use her as a prop to bad mouth Trump. Check it out.

Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly has unloaded on Hillary Clinton for spending a half-hour conducting an ‘interview’ with singer Mary J. Blige while dodging her prime-time show on the nation’s most-watched cable news network.

Kelly fumed on Twitter about the Democratic presidential nominee spending her time answering softball questions instead of rolling up her sleeves to talk about policy substance.

‘Yes, @HillaryClinton, do 30 min w/@maryjblige, & then perhaps u will finally sit w/me, instead of just using my name to hit @realDonaldTrump,’ Kelly tweeted.

Kelly tweeted at Clinton, asking her to stop 'using my name to hit Donald Trump'

She pressed Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon on Monday night, after the first presidential debate, for keeping the Democratic nominee out of her interview chair.

Kelly recalled how Clinton praised her during an episode of ‘The View’ – at a time when Republican Donald Trump was publicly feuding with her.

‘Hillary Clinton went on record and called yours truly a superb journalist when Trump was attacking me,’ Kelly told him.

‘Why won’t she come on “The Kelly File?”‘

Fallon insisted it was ‘only a matter of time.’

It’s not clear what Kelly meant by fuming about Clinton ‘using my name’ to attack Trump. Her publicist did not respond to a request for comment.

The former first lady and secretary of state didn’t mention Kelly by name during the debate, nor has her Twitter feed in the past week.

The closest she came was criticizing Trump on debate night for calling women – notably celebrity Rosie O’Donnell – ‘pigs, slobs and dogs.’

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