MEXICO SCRAMBLES: Preps U.S. Diplomats to Handle Flood of Illegals by the Millions

It’s happening, America. The wall is going to go up, the criminal immigrants are going to go. Many are leaving voluntarily! Mexico is reading the signs and now they’re scrambling. This is good news.

Mexico is scrambling to ready its diplomats in the United States to handle millions of undocumented migrants’ potential needs following Donald Trump’s election, its foreign ministry said.

The ministry’s North American team huddled with Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu Saturday to “analyze the results of the US election and discuss concrete actions concerning the future of the bilateral relationship” between the two countries, according to a statement.

Ruiz Massieu urged diplomats to get ready for a possible surge in consular assistance.

This includes help “avoiding provocations, as well as protecting against fraud,” the Foreign Ministry statement said, referring to the potential for crime rings to prey on migrants by selling fake documents, for example.

The US president-elect on Sunday told CBS television that as many as three million undocumented immigrants with criminal records would be deported or incarcerated.

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