Miami Judge Rules it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL to Hold Arrested Illegal Immigrants for ICE

Was this a political statement or is it actually unconstitutional to hold illegals for ICE? Check out the details below. Give us your thoughts in the comment section.

A Miami-Dade judge ruled Friday that county holds of arrested immigrants for ICE is unconstitutional but debate is not over.

While the judge ruled against the county, the practical effect of the ruling on arrested immigrations is not yet clear since the county can appeal the decision and they plan to do.

Just a day before, attorneys for a detained immigrant and Miami-Dade squared off in court over Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s and the county commission’s decision to honor ICE requests to hold arrested immigrants beyond the time they would otherwise be released.

“The Constitution and the Bill of Rights require probable cause,” attorney Louis Reizenstein told Circuit Judge Milton Hirsch on Thursday.

The county’s detentions for ICE have made for huge controversy and protest. The case before the court involved James Lacroix, a Haitian immigrant charged with chronically driving without a license.

“There is no authority for states to hold individuals under a federal detainer request when their case is closed,” Reizenstein said.

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