MICHIGAN STATE POLICE: Win Most EPIC ‘Back to the Future’ Tribute on the Internet

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.40.51 AMWe don’t have flying cars, but some of what the movie predicted did come true. This tribute by far is the best out there.

It wasn’t necessarily my plan to do anything with this today, which might surprise those who know me because my love for Back to the Future didn’t just start this week or this year. I would estimate I’ve seen the entire trilogy at least 400 times. Yes. You read that right. Four hundred times.

My son and I were talking about it this morning, going through the usual list of “predictions” (which none of them were ever really intended to be) and discussing which ones kinda sorta happened (video calls, flat screen TVs mounted on the wall, thumbprint ID) and which ones were way off (ubiquitous fax machines, Jaws 19 . . . and of course the stupid Mets are ruining the best one of all), and I made the observation that it’s funny so much attention is on this date because in the actual trilogy the trip to 2015 is probably the least loved part of the whole story. It certainly doesn’t get the love the visit to the ’50s gets, and whole western sequence in 1855 seemed a lot more endearing to most people.

But of course, it still makes sense because October 21, 2015 was the only date in the trilogy that was going to arrive after the release of the films. Every other time travel point was in the past. So it’s only natural, and fun, to keep an eye on the skies around 4:29 p.m., even though I should know perfectly well that Marty and Doc will experience temporal placement in Hill Valley, California and not here in Royal Oak, Michigan.

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