MILO: Sending Chicks into Combat BETRAYS Men, Women and All Civilization

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.46.37 AMThe real war on women is coming from the left. And for the sake of their ideology, they don’t mind if a few females die for it. Check out what Milo has to say on the subject. Is he right?

By Milo

Hillary Clinton once said that women have always been the primary victims of war. That is appallingly stupid, of course, but the US government seems determined to make it a reality by putting women on the front lines of combat.

Few feminist fads are quite as spectacularly wrongheaded, reality-denying, and downright barbaric as the insistence that women should be put in combat units. It’s worth considering why progressives, the supposed champions of women, are so eager to put them in harm’s way.

(I say “barbaric,” but of course no barbarian worth his lion-skin would treat the womenfolk this way.)

We don’t use the law to force NFL teams to field women players, but we do use the law to force squads of soldiers, sailors, and Marines to field women. Thus, we care more about quarterbacks being blitzed than we care about 18-year-old men being shot in Iraq.

We all know what the progressives are up to. We know they hate and want to tear down the military, that they hate America’s presence in the world and see this as a new front in the war on men and the masculine. But let’s interrogate this ghastly development as though it were sincerely intended, just for the sake of argument.

Let’s consider some obvious facts. Even the strongest women cannot achieve the same physical capacities as men. Muscle mass, which is directly linked to strength, is anywhere between 60 to 30 per cent lower in the average woman than in the average man.

Women’s upper body strength – essential for carrying heavy objects or wounded comrades on the battlefield – is approximately 50 per cent weaker, on average, than men’s. Men also run faster than women, and have stronger grips — indeed, one study found that the difference between grip strength was so wide that 90 per cent of women in the test scored worse than 95 per cent of the men.

And the difference isn’t simply about strength and co-ordination. A study by the Marine Corps last year found that all-male units performed better than mixed units in 69 per cent of tasks.

The bottom line? In order to avoid reprimands from equality-obsessed politicians, the military has to lower standards to allow women to serve in combat roles. This has already had deadly results.

You might be getting mad at me now, for repeating things that appear to be true based on scientific data. I’d say your beef is with math, and statistics, but I’m not sure where you go to picket science. Galileo’s house perhaps? I don’t know.

Some feminists say keeping women out of combat is no different from racists keeping black men out of the military, but that’s nonsense on two counts. Firstly, just try telling a black Marine who bench-presses 400 pounds he’s no different from a woman.

Secondly, black men have done just fine in the Army precisely because the Army worked to make sure they met the usual high standards, rather than lowering standards to meet quotas. You can read all about it in a Greek-American’s classic study: All That We Can Be: Black Leadership And Racial Integration The Army Way.

Some twits think keeping women out of combat equals “workplace discrimination.” But as a friend observes, let’s think about that analogy for a moment. Do bullets fly in your workplace? Do you live (as submariners do) in the same small office with the same people for six months at a time with no one leaving the building, while you and your co-workers sleep stacked three people high in coffin-like bunks?

Do you go weeks without bathing, like infantrymen? If the person next to you at work makes a mistake, do you die?

Alexis de Tocqueville warned that democratic capitalist societies would need to stress ladifférence between the sexes even more than aristocracies. Otherwise, he said, we’d end up with “weak men and disreputable women.” Well. Just look at Bill and Hillary — or your local gender studies class.

In case you aren’t irritated enough yet, here are some more hate-facts for you. Widely-documented differences in spatial awareness between men and women mean that the latter will be worse at driving vehicles, piloting aircraft, and, yes, shooting. I’ve previously written about femsteering, the horror of the modern roads.  Imagine if along with bad steering you had to worry about a 120mm main gun!

There are things that women — and, let’s just say it, maybe homosexuals — have men beat in; they’d probably do a wonderful job decorating a Navy vessel, but I’ll let you insert your own gay seamen joke here.

I haven’t served in the military, but I do know that you don’t get an awful lot of do-overs in a firefight and it’s not just a female soldier’s life at stake, it’s the life of her fellow soldiers. That’s not the time to stage a protest against the patriarchy. War is not a women’s studies course.

There’s no limit to the number of human beings the Left will sacrifice on the altar of ideology. One of the first women to fly a fighter jet off an aircraft carrier was Kara Hultgreen, who died in a horrific crash. Hultgreen made multiple mistakes in training that should have washed her out, before she was sent to a carrier to kill herself. 

A man would have been sent home, and would have lived, but Hultgreen had a “right” to die for the sisterhood. She’d likely have been fine flying a cargo jet.  But she got a body bag instead of a military pension.

There’s no joke here because it’s not funny. In the service of ideology, a woman is now dead who ought not to be dead. If it weren’t for callous feminists and cowardly politicians, she could still be alive now, serving her country in a myriad of other roles — many of them in the military — better suited to her. Her death was preventable.

Military standards are not arbitrary. Like the standards for fire-fighting and police work, they are designed to mimic things the recruit will need to be able to do in the field. Can’t do a pull up? Can’t pull yourself up. Can’t carry the weight? Can’t pull your buddy to the medic. Can’t get over the wall… well, that one’s easy.

These standards aren’t designed to stop women from doing these jobs. They are designed to stop people who cannot do these jobs from doing these jobs. It just so happens that many of those people are women.

I’m dripping with white male privilege, but with my bad eyesight, no military in the world would let me fly a plane of soldiers into battle — or a mountainside. I’m not complaining about “20:20 privilege.”

Standards also protect women, whose rates of injury when they get into combat zones are way higher than those for men. What did the Army learn when contemplating the madness of women in combat? “Female soldiers suffered double the rate of injuries compared with male colleagues in Army combat training, including jobs in field artillery and repairing the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.”

What did the Marines discover? “Within the research at the Infantry Training Battalion, females undergoing that entry-level training were injured at more than six-times the rate of their male counterparts.”

Even notorious feminist Mizzou professor Melissa Click instinctively understands this. Remember when she was trying to have a reporter thrown off campus for filming student protestors and she yelled for “some muscle!” Do you think she meant a five-foot-six girl who barely benchpresses 50 pounds? I doubt it.

Women in combat makes sense, but only if you want to reduce harm to the enemy and greatly increase harm inflicted on American service members.

Most women in the military, by the way, are well aware of their limitations, and the horrors of combat. In a survey of the nearly 170,000 women who serve in the Army, only 8 per cent said they would like to serve in a combat role.

As always, women are having equality forced upon them by civilian, middle-class politicians on the hunt for feel-good headlines and plaudits from progressive commentators. There are no winners here: just dead soldiers who could have been spared had the top brass not lowered standards to admit more women, in the name of equality and diversity.

And “forced” is the right word, because once a person is eligible for a job in the military, the higher-ups don’t ask her if being shot at will fulfil her dream of self-realization. They just drop her in the fox-hole.

In some cases, there are allegations of string-pulling to get women into elite battalions. Women failed for years to qualify for the U.S. Rangers, an elite division of the Army. Despite being permitted to take the gruelling entrance course, they just couldn’t meet the physical requirements.

In 2015, two women finally graduated the course — but there are allegations that it was a set-up. Sources told People that a General informed subordinates that “a woman will graduate Ranger School,” months before a new “gender integrated assessment” had been introduced.

It’s not just about the physical, either. One crucial objection to allowing women on the front lines – in mixed combat units anyway – is that their presence interferes with the vital process of bonding that occurs between men on the battlefield, brilliantly explained by Leon J. Podles in his 1993 essay Love In The Trenches

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