Molotov Mitchell Rips Hillary A New One and Tells GOP Rand Paul Is 2016 Candidate


  • angelkisz

    Got my vote!

  • JDH

    I don’t neccessarily agree completely with Rand Paul, but at least I know when he opens his mouth what comes out is what he believes. If Hillary opens hers and says the sky is blue, I would have to go outsde and see for myself. She is no more truthfu; and honest than her philandering husband or our current pretender in chief. Right now, Rand Paul is my number one choice for 2016.

  • Sparkle

    Rand Paul seems to have a spine or maybe intestinal fortitude & he seems to have integrity which is hard to find in WA these days….but….I thought the same thing about J. Boehner (what a let down, he now talks out of both sides of his mouth) which makes us all wonder if there is such a thing as truth & consequences any longer. I would hope there would be a tall spot for Rep. Trey Gowdy of SC as well, I like his demeanor & perserverance for truth…….CLEAN HOUSE SOUNDS DANG GOOD TO ME!!

  • repubboy

    Rand Paul.. the only man in Washington with the gumption to take on the King and his minions.. 2016 can’t come soon enough !

    • Billy Bull

      So very true bubba!

  • Victor Barney

    Does not matter one iota! Obama is the RIGHT “ANTI-CHRIST”(MARXIST) OVER U.S. AT THE “RIGHT” TIME! ON a soon coming “fall” Feast of Trumpets(war), enter the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 to severely punish Anglo-Saxon U.S. for the following 3 1/2 years! WARNING: DON’T BE AMONG THOSE GIVING EACH OTHER PRESENTS WHEN “ANTI-CHRIST”(MARXIST) OBAMA HAS THEM KILLED(2013?)! WATCH!

  • Tank

    Maybe since he’s not Mormon, the hardcore Christians that snubbed Romney and, by default, helped the Muslim to victory by not voting, will show up to the polls and help out this time around… Obama and his ilk are very good at building that freebie base to keep him in power though… Anyone with an idea of “reforming” the gimme state has to tread lightly just to be considered… What a mess this country is right now…

    • larry

      Hagel owns the company that makes the software that is inside electronic voting machines.I would not put it past that crook that his machines were designed to vote a certain way.because of the huge voting fraud thats still being investigated.

      • Ed Scott

        I keep hearing this, but who and what is investigating this voter fraud?

        • kelstephe

          Are you kidding? That “investigation” has been pushed under the rug. The truth will NEVER come out, just like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the SSN issue and the BC issue. This administration is riddled with fraud. And apparently the majority don’t care.

          • wminaz

            The Repubs bellyache about voter fraud but do not investigate i.e. what have they done since November ? We will have the same problems with the military not getting ballots in a timely manner and all the other fraud.

          • helm20558

            Some obscure case law back in the 80’s or 90’s PREVENTS the RNC from filing a charge of Voter Fraud. The have tried and the courts have shut them down, citing that faulty law.

    • Auggie

      So, blame the christians because the republicats ran another dole/McCain weenie candidate?? Maybe the also burned Rome while Nero played the fiddle? Fiddle wasn’t invented yet?? Neither was a republican candidate that was a true conservatice in the last thirty years.

  • Julie Moran

    I don’t agree. Well, I did until Rand made that comment about not supporting Civil Rights and while I understood where he was coming from, a comment like that will be skewered by the Liberal media and we’ll be behind the 8-ball once more with the Hispanic and black vote and 2016 is too important to risk another racist controlled rhetorical exchange in the media. I’m not sure we can win that.

    I like Ted Cruz for 2016. I think he, along with Allen West, would make a very interesting ticket. There’s a ways to go from here to there and Cruz is pretty new to all this but still, I have really liked his candor with the press, his easy going unflappable personality and mostly, his ethics that so far, are above par.

  • NJRedDog

    While I don’t like Rand Paul (but I did want Ron Paul for the nominee), I really liked this as a production. Whoever is behind the look and feel of it should be promoted. Really slick (but not in a cheesy way), watchable, and feels more modern. Things like this will be key in promoting the Republican message in the future.

  • marineh2ominer

    Beautiful ticket for 2016 , Rand Paul and Allen West !

  • yoikes

    I am so glad that I see so many people coming to the same conclusion as me. Rand Paul is the only person principled enough to be President and at least attempt to set things straight. He continually impresses me as a level-headed person with a backbone. I truly believe he is a new “Reagan”. I know that many people will say about Paul what was said about Reagan. He says what he means and means what he says. I’ve even heard Democrats respect Reagan for that. And it cannot be an easily overlooked quality. People respect a honest, principled person. I cannot conceive of anyone else who has so impressed me as Senator Paul has. As Molotov Mitchell says in this video, Rand Paul MUST, that is MUST be the Republican candidate in 2016. (I also like the Allen West for VP suggestion!!)

  • skepttico

    A roving band of protesters with RPGs, heavy weapons and mortars? MaCain is an ass kissing embarrassment and Rand Paul is what we need as a Republic.

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