MORE ISLAMIC THREATS: You Won’t Believe What This Banner Hanging on a Overpass in Germany Says

Is THIS not enough evidence that these ‘Muslim migrants’ in Germany aren’t there to make a new life, but rather wage a war on the western world? The banner reads ‘Your children will pray to Allah or die’. It’s time this nation does something about these threats.

A banner attached to an autobahn overpass in Sindelfingen, Germany, warns locals of their future with the current influx of Muslim migrants.

“Your children will pray to Allah or die,” the banner says in German.  There was no claim of responsibility and the German media was largely silent.

The image, however, made its way to Twitter.

Sound familiar?

Meanwhile, the media has trashed anyone who disagrees with what many now see as an invasion.  The UK Express reported:

Police in the besieged nation have been confronted with its worst period of violence and civil unrest since the days of Hitler’s Nazis as anger over Angela Merkel’s open door policy reaches boiling point.

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