‘Mother, they’re chanting Allahu Akbar’: The Terrifying Moment Islamic State Convoy Approaches Family Home

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Wow. Scary.

This is the dramatic moment a civilian realises an Islamic State convoy is rapidly approaching his home in Iraq.

A man secretly filmed a group of armoured vehicles waving the group’s distinctive black flag close-by.

At first he is unaware they are ISIS fighters before he can be heard exclaiming: “Oh dear mother, they are chanting Allahu-akbar”.

The terrifying footage was uploaded to LiveLeak, although it is not clear when it was recorded.

The Iraqi civilians managed to escape unharmed, according to the source of the upload.

User Kurdish-Girl91 said: “God were on the civilians side this day, ISIS were meters away but did not notice anything.”

The film begins with vehicles far in the distance approaching through a cloud of dust.

Read more: mirror.co.uk

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