Mother of Two STABBED to Death by Afghan Man

On Saturday a 29yr-old Afghan man stabbed a 38yr-old Afghan woman. She succumbed to her injuries in the hospital.

The brutal murder took place in front of a grocery store at 6:45pm in a German town called Prien.

It is a small town that is usually very quiet and picturesque.

The woman was getting ready to shop for groceries with her 5 and 11yr-old children, when she was attacked by the Afghan.

According to reports, the woman, also an Afghan, was stabbed multiple times in front of her kids.

Although a policeman who coincidentally just passed by couldn’t prevent the crime from occurring, he was able to detain the attacker with the help of other shoppers, despite the attacker’s massive resistance.

The heavily injured woman was brought to the hospital immediately, but she succumbed to her injuries that very evening.

The two children witnessed the whole attack and are now in the care of a crisis intervention team at a safe location.

The Rosenheim police team are investigating the murder.

It is unclear what and if there was a relationship between the attacker and the victim.


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