Mothers & Daughters Bonding Over Plastic Surgery

Here is a thought.  How about go to the gun range with your daughter and teach her how to be a bold and confident woman who is comfortable in her own skin?

“Some moms bond with their daughters over a manicure, while others may bond with a shopping spree.

A growing number of mothers and daughters, like Jani Reyes and her daughter, Tasha Sheckells, are growing closer with cosmetic surgery.

The two say they do a lot of things together, so when it came to plastic surgery, they decided to try it at the same time.

“We went in together for a consultation,” says Sheckells.

“I decided right away that was what I was going to do,” remembers mother, Jani Reyes. “And then she said well, I need a few things too.”

Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jeff Adelglass, says mother-daughter procedures are becoming more common.

“We see a lot of moms and daughters, as well as other family members and partners..”


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