MS. INDEPENDENT: 4-Year-Old Jumps on a Bus at 3am to Buy a Slushie

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Doesn’t sound like this little girl’s first rodeo. How did the parents not hear her leave?

It’s commonplace to see strange sights on the night bus. But passengers were completely baffled to witness a little girl boarding the vehicle alone at 3am just to satisfy her sweet-tooth.

Four-year old Annabelle Ridgeway climbed onto a bus, having been drenched in the rain and without her parents’ knowledge, to find a place to buy a crushed-ice beverage.

In CCTV footage, she can be seen being helped onto the vehicle by a man – who walks away once he knew she was on it – and the girl receives puzzled looks from passengers who are wondering what she is doing outside in the middle of the night.

But their curiosity wasn’t for long as she happily told everyone that she dressed herself and left the house, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, through the back door.

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