MSM is Pitching a Fit Because Matt Lauer ‘SINNED’ Making Trump Look Good

This was a forum, where the candidates could engage with the audience and be asked questions on policy. Lauer, as moderator, was there basically to keep things running smoothly. And as the MSM praises Hillary for her performance, it tears into Lauer for doing his job. Do you think he did a good job at the forum?


The biggest news to come out of Wednesday night’s candidate forum was not anything said by either Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton or Republican nominee Donald Trump.

No, the biggest story of the night was how NBC host Matt Lauer allegedly failed at his job as a journalist. Lauer, who has been a journalist since 1979, who has co-hosted The Today Show since 1997, who was live during the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, and who has won numerous Emmy awards for his coverage.

Suddenly, Lauer is garbage, no better—in the eyes of the mainstream media—than some basement-dwelling right-wing blogger.

His sin? He allowed Trump to speak during the candidate forum, and didn’t press the Republican presidential nominee on his answers to the liking of the liberal media. This morning, I detailed the extent of the hate being spewed against Lauer by his colleagues in the mainstream media.

And it’s not letting up. The New York Times editorial board wrote on Friday that moderators should do more than ask questions and let candidates answer—they should engage in rigorous (probably NYT-approved) fact checking.

“There will be many issues to explore at the three presidential debates,” the board wrote. “For the sake of the nation, the moderators need to be fully prepared to challenge the candidates, so voters can have a clear picture of how they will lead.”

The editorial board breathlessly praised Clinton’s performance, and her “firm understanding of the complex issues facing the country.” Yet it derided Lauer for focusing so much attention on her email scandal (which the NYT broke). The mainstream media wants Clinton’s email story to go away, clearly.

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