Music Store Owner Shoots And Kills Intruder Who Assaulted His Wife With A Club

nightThe owner of a Bethel Park music store shot and killed an intruder who had attacked the owner’s wife inside their store late this morning.

Bethel Park police Chief John Mackey said Alfred Armen, owner of Armen’s House of Music at 5920 Library Road, jumped to his wife’s defense as she was being clubbed by a man who, just minutes earlier, had entered the store to browse.

The man stayed in the store for two or three minutes, went outside to his car, and came back in with some type of wooden club, Chief Mackey said.

He attacked Sylvia Armen, clubbing her on the head, and Mr. Armen came to her defense, the chief said.

The man then attacked him with the club, and Mr. Armen pulled a revolver and…


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