Muslim In Miami Tries Blowing Up Synagogue…Here’s What the Media WON’T Tell You

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.00.18 AMThe event that took place occurred in Aventura, FL, my hometown. It is scary how close the threat of terrorism has become in the U.S.

By Wes Walker

The man arrested for throwing a bomb at a Synagogue near Miami gives a chance for an honest conversation… or it could, if anyone wants one.

If we are going to have an honest conversation about Islam, and whether it really is the “Religion of Peace” they claim, we need to understand how they see their prophet. They see him as the perfect example of a religiously faithful man.

This creates a crisis for Liberal Western Idealists. Liberal Western Idealists have been conditioned to “not judge” things. (With certain notable exceptions.) They believe that all cultures are more or less equal, or at least equally valid. (Except perhaps our own.) This means we are supposed to “engage and understand” other cultures. (Notice the one-sided obligation.)

So long as everyone basically gets along, these ideas appear harmless, even if it does give foreign ideas and values a competitive advantage with the local values. We see this advantage in subtle ways, at first. When Muslims pressure restaraunts to remove bacon from their menus, those that comply are cheered as inclusive and tolerant. Unfortunately, this trend has snowballed and some government agencies have even gone so far as to endorse propaganda pieces calling Jihad “noble”. This is the political climate we live in today.

Until something goes kaboom. Or shots are fired.

In such a crisis, these same Idealists circle their wagons, and point their judge-y fingers to scold us like wayward children if ever we should draw connections between the slaughter of civilians and Islam’s Ideal Man.

Instead of facing facts, they call for gun control (San Bernardino) or label it workplace violence (Fort Hood). Even that infamous war cry of the suicide bomber is insufficient proof of an attacker’s “authentic” dedication to the Islamic cause. (Paris, Brussels) They’re obviously imposters, copycats impugning the name of a “most noble religion”. Or something.

Really? That isn’t so obvious to some of us. Looking at these documented numbers, there are a helluva lot of imposters. More than 1000 people killed in the name of Islam in the last 30 days alone. But what do I know? I don’t live in an academic ivory tower.

It’s the real-life examples of people acting on their beliefs that make that Idealist position lack credibility.

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