MUSLIM TERRORISTS ABROAD: 2 Murdered, 1 Wounded in Tel Aviv Synagogue

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 9.40.19 AMIsrael has lived the reality of Muslim conflict for too long. The next POTUS better support this nation, instead of leaving them out in the cold like Obama has done.

The jihad continues to rage in Israel. The double standard applied to the Jews is striking. France and other states have long demanded Israel show ‘restraint’ fighting terror – but no restraint was seen in explosive Paris sting. Every country takes whatever action it deems necessary to protect and defend its people.

But the Jews are excoriated for merely defending themselves. They hate Israel for fear. This hate is imposed over them through Islamic terror. But it won’t save them — as evidenced by what’s happening around the world.

The Jews are really in the crossfire of the Muslim world. The hatred of the Jews commanded in the Quran is bloodcurdling.

2 murdered in Tel Aviv stabbing attack,” By Noam ‘Dabul’ Dvir, Eli Senyor, Israel News

Third victim moderately wounded by Palestinian in southern Tel Aviv stabbing attack just outside a synagogue

Two Israelis were killed and another was moderately wounded in a stabbing in southern Tel Aviv on Thursday afternoon.

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