N. Korea confirms arrest of US citizen

North Korea confirmed Friday that it had arrested a US citizen in November, saying legal action would be taken against him but giving no details of the charges.

The man, identified as Pae Jun-Ho, entered North Korea on November 3 as a tourist, and “committed a crime” against the country, the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said.

“He was put into custody by a relevant institution,” it added.

The United States has no diplomatic ties with North Korea and KCNA said consular officials from the Swedish embassy, which acts on behalf of the US, had visited Pae on Friday.

“Legal actions are being taken against Pae in line with the criminal procedure law” of North Korea, the agency said without elaborating.

The arrest was first reported earlier this month by…


north korea


    when will these ediots stop being totally stupid? Only if we tell Americans and the South Koreans we have bailed out the last ediot to enter N.Korea. You got there by your self so stay till they get tird of feeding you and send your broke skinney ass back home.

  • john

    They’ll try and trade him for food for their army not the citizens.

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