NAACP Leader Claims Dallas Cop Killer was ‘DEFENSELESS’, Police were…

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.54.51 AMOne NAACP leader has a theory on the Dallas Cop shootings… and it has Micah X. Johnson as the VICTIM. Sorry but a man armed to the teeth and shooting at cops doesn’t scream victim to me. Does it for you?

In the post, which follows, Gatewood submits that in the absence of any recorded statement by cop-killer Micah X. Johnson expressing his desire to kill whites and police the only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn is that Johnson — not the police he murdered — was a “defenseless” victim. The manner in which he was killed, moreover, was “racist” and amounted to a lynching.

A Google search for information about Gatewood reveals that he is a man of many opinions. Among these is the view that Jews, Israel, immigrants, and non-Christians are worthless. Depending on which day of the week it is, he also a mortal foe of Barack Obama — whom he has called a “coon” and a “ni**er” and whose ass he has said he wants to “whup — or one of the president’s most devout worshipers.

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