NASTY: Topless, Flabby Liberal Chick Grabs ‘Trump’ by the Balls…

Yes, a topless, feminist has flashed her tits once again to gain attraction to a WORTHLESS cause. She ‘grabbed back’ at Trump’s package, but it was his statue. There is no way she would have ever made it close to the President-elect.

Topless, feminist activists have overrun the unveiling of a wax statue of President-Elect Donald J. Trump in Spain, screaming “grab patriarchy by the balls”.

The protestors, from the infamous Ukrainian group FEMEN, grabbed the statue in the crotch area at the event at the Wax Museum of Madrid on Tuesday.

The activist group claimed responsibility for the protest on Twitter, saying: “FEMEN just grabbed Trump’s statue by the balls in Madrid.”

FEMEN describes their “ideology” as “Sextremism”, “Atheism”, and “Feminism” and have become renowned for holding provocative topless protests in churches and other places.

Their “objectives” include “provok[ing] patriarchy into open conflict by forcing it to disclose its aggressive antihuman nature to fully discredit it in the eyes of history” and “promot[ing] new revolutionary female sexuality as opposed to the patriarchal erotic and pornography.

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