NATIONAL REVIEW: Continues to Rag on Trump, ‘A Bad Night for Conservatives in N.H.’

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 5.50.10 PMShouldn’t they be out of business for being a non-profit and endorsing a politician?

Donald Trump won a convincing victory in New Hampshire. We congratulate him, and hope that we will not have to do it many more times.

Republicans have had only two contests in the presidential race so far. In Iowa, Ted Cruz took on Donald Trump — pointing out that he has always been willing to use government power to help himself at the little guy’s expense — and won. In New Hampshire, the other candidates were busier fighting one another than challenging him, and he won big. The New Hampshire results do not make us think that Trump is the inevitable nominee. They do make us think that he will be the nominee if he remains effectively unopposed.

But Republicans who would like a conservative to win the nomination are having a hard time deciding on a candidate. John Kasich, the candidate who, after Trump, is the least committed to limited constitutional government, took second place in New Hampshire, but he lacks a national organization, discipline, and much appeal to conservatives.

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