Nationwide Manhunt for This POS — Murdered Multiple Women, Considered Armed and Dangerous

Idaho officials have opened a nationwide manhunt for Michael Bullinger. He is a “person of interest” in the murders of three women.

From Caldwell, Idaho, Bullinger has a felony nationwide warrant issued for his arrest because he failed to report a death.

Canyon County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Marv Dashiell:

“We would consider him armed and dangerous at this time. We have no idea where he would be at this time.” 

Bullinger was last seen in Ogden, Utah, but that was 10 days ago. Police believe he is driving a white 2007 Ford Focus with the license number “129 UMP.”

The murdered women all died of a gunshot wound, their bodies were found covered in a shed.

From the decomposition investigators say the deaths occurred approximately one or two weeks prior.

Dashiell says the three victims found Monday were all female ranging in age from teens to mid-fifties, but identification is proving difficult due to decomposition. No visible identification was possible, but they are working on both DNA and dental recognition to identify the bodies.

The descriptions of the bodies do match the descriptions of three females that have a connection to that property.


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