NBC Caught Pushing FAKE Trump, Russia Collusion Story — Social Media EXPLODES

We’ve already reported that Putin said he didn’t say much of anything to Michael Flynn when the two were seated at a Russian State media event in December 2015.

If you still need proof, here are the words straight from his mouth.

One would think that since NBC News was responsible for this content, they would be able to promote and report on the interview properly.

You would think…

But nay! That was a false assumption.

NBC is being forced to correct a tweet promoting the ‘Exclusive’ interview with Putin and Megyn Kelly after claiming in the post that Vladimir Putin “does not deny having compromising information” on U.S. President Donald Trump.

This social media post was THE debut for Kelly’s new show on NBC.

(Ironic, right?)

The network tried to be clever with it’s suggestive wording that Putin might just have compromising information on Trump.


NBC must have watched their own footage after tweeting out this promo, because Putin states in the interview he DOES NOT have any info on Trump.

The network had to send out a follow up tweet.

To further rub salt in NBC News’ wound here is the actual footage — that they filmed — where Putin strongly denies these allegations as a ‘load of nonsense’.

“Have you all lost your minds over there?” he states in his response to Kelly’s question.


Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

With this kind of FAKE NEWS push, the people of social media couldn’t hold their tongues.

The network intentionally lied to its audience; there is no question about that.

What is more hilarious — in an ironic way — is that the day before NBC literally said Trump was tweeting ‘unconfirmed’ information about the London attacks, when he called it ‘terror.’

Guess what NBC…


h/t: milo

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