NEPAL: Sex Trade Traffickers Swarm Nepal Targeting the Thousands of Women and Children Left Homeless

I hope authorities will be able to demolish these scum-bags and their agenda in Nepal.

Sex traffickers are exploiting the devastation in earthquake-hit Nepal to snatch thousands of women for brothels across Asia, campaigners have warned.

The death toll from last month’s disaster has reached 7,566, with hundreds of thousands left homeless, mainly in desperately poor rural communities.

Women and girls have long been targeted in the Himalayan nation, with the UN estimating that up to 15,000 a year are trafficked to brothels abroad, mainly to India, but also as far as South Korea.

But aid groups say criminal gangs have stepped up their operations by masquerading as relief workers in the chaos left by the earthquake.

Sunita Danuwar, director of Shakti Sumuha, a NGO in Kathmandu, said: ‘This is the time when the brokers go in the name of relief to kidnap or lure women.’

Health worker Rashmita Shashtra also told The Guardian: ‘People here are now desperate and will take any chance.

‘There are spotters in the villages who convince family members and local brokers who do the deal. We know who they are.’

Jason Burke, from the newspaper, also spoke to a woman called Sita, 20, who told how she was abducted from her home in Sindhupalchok, a village near Kathmandu last year.

She said she was forced to have unprotected sex with up to 30 a day, every day, for a year at a brothel in India before being rescued during a police raid.

Meanwhile, a row has broken out between Nepal and some international agencies over the handling of aid that poured into the country after the earthquake, with each side blaming the other for confusion and delays in getting help to victims.

Frustrated by the lack of co-ordination, some donors are circumventing the authorities and sending supplies directly through non-governmental organisations for distribution, said an aide to Prime Minister Sushil Koirala.

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