The Never Ending Scandal: IRS Decides to ‘Hold Off’ on Rules to Restrict Political Groups

OBAMAAny day that the Obama administration halts its regulatory overreach is a good day – even if it won’t last forever.

Yesterday, the IRS announced it would hold off until next year on new rules that would have restricted the activities of nonprofit groups. The administration had been working on thesebehind the scenes since last year. But after the agency’s targeting of conservative groups – based on their ideological leanings – came to light, it caused an uproar.

Heritage legal expert Hans von Spakovsky told The Foundry:

The announcement by the IRS that it intends to rethink its proposed rules on political activity by advocacy organizations is welcome news. These rules would have severely restricted their First Amendment rights and violated Supreme Court precedent. They were an attempt to implement the “inappropriate criteria” disgraced IRS official Lois Lerner used to target tea party and other conservative organizations.

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