New Rule: Female Marines Only Required to do 8 Pull-Ups Max


According to ALMAR 046/12, female Marines will be required to conduct pull-ups as part of their annual physical fitness test starting January 1, 2014.

Sgt James Vincent, an explosive ordnance disposal specialist assigned to the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit and Griffin, Ga., native, is as a certified personal trainer as well as a womens’ fitness specialist. He shared his expertise to the females during a class in the gym aboard the USS Kearsarge to prepare them for the next annual PFT.

“I wanted to provide a class explaining how to do correct pull-ups, what muscles are used, and how to exercise and train those muscles,” said Vincent. “I also gave them a pull-up program to help them reach their goals.”

Even though the new standard does not go into effect for another five months, it is important to start training now.

“You can never be too prepared or start training too early,” said Vincent. “A lot of females have trouble with pull-ups so it will take some time to build their strength to obtain the max amount of pull-ups possible on the PFT.”

According to ALMAR 046/12 the new scoring standard will be as follows:

8 pull-ups – 100 points

7 pull-ups – 95 points

6 pull-ups – 85 points

5 pull-ups – 75 points

4 pull-ups – 65 points

3 pull-ups – 40 points

With a lot of potentially hard work ahead, Vincent wanted to make sure the Marines were not wasting their efforts by working the wrong muscle groups.

He said, “The best way to get better at pull ups is to practice pull-ups. If you can’t do a pull up on your own there are different techniques to help…


  • Marge

    I wonder how many the men have to do.

    • jmokkonen

      We won’t know unless we do our own research, because this site doesn’t really provide news…It merely cuts and pastes other sites’ articles and press releases. But they sure clutter the page with the sucker advertisers can pay a high CPM for the pages that we don’t really look at.

      • $5708171

        Go blow yourself.

    • darkgreen1

      Minimum of 3, maximum of 20. Have a great day
      Semper Fi

    • $5708171

      Depends – if you men real men or homosexual psycho-girl men?

  • $5708171

    What about the homosexual “men”? Do they follow the women’s guidelines? I’m sure they do.

  • Mike Young

    Wouldn’t this be physical discrimination by only requiring the females to do 8 pull-ups while requiring the males to do many more as a qualification on their PE exams.

  • JRCancio

    There was once a study done with men and women matched to and of the same body size and heights to determine who was the stronger. For a period eating the same meals, doing the exact same exercise programs and living patterns – after many months and testing it was determined that everything else being equal in all situations the female was the stronger and more likely to be the survivor in adverse physical situation. What we see in our society are women short of stature whose mate is always much taller and of course much stronger. We are supposed to be a society of equality and in so many ways we are not. I don’t like when anyone for any reason is given special consideration and advantage. Their is a reason the military requires their physical conditioning of our soldiers – to make them better prepared to survive – in combat.
    What next – in the middle of battle – a ruling battle has to stop for a ‘make-up’ break or tampon change? War is a killing time and is nothing one can imagine until one is in the middle of it and you better be ready to survive.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    But the men have to do? Can I say P.C. crap in the ranks! Members are going to get killed because of the P.C. Crap!!!!!!

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