NEW VIDEO: Planned Parenthood Abortionist Calls ‘Harvesting’ Pre-Born Babies’ Hearts ‘CUTE’ [WATCH]

Absolutely speechless. These are some evil people.

A video released this morning by The Center for Medical Progress features a full-length interview with Dr. Amna Dermish of Planned Parenthood Greater Texas, who notes how she can alter the abortion procedure in order to better harvest intact organs from aborted children.

Dermish, who was trained by Dr. Deborah Nucatola, the abortionist in the first undercover video who discussed how to “crush” preborn children, admits she can manipulate the child in order to obtain more intact heads and body parts. Altering the abortion procedure is illegal under federal law.

“My aim is to get the specimens out pretty intact,” Dermish said.

The abortionist describes on tape using ultrasound guidance to convert the child to breech presentation in order to extract the baby up to the head. The Center for Medical Progress is accusing Planned Parenthood of committing illegal partial-birth abortion procedures.

Dermish also explains how she strives to keep the torso of the baby intact by grabbing the spine of the child during the abortion procedure in order to pull the child out “in alignment.”

Abortionist: “I always try to and keep the trunk intact, just by function. I always try to aim for a spine to bring it down.”

Buyer: “Oh, interesting. So that’s what you can grasp.”

Abortionist: “Right, exactly. So you keep it all in alignment…”

When asked about the intactness of children aborted at 20 weeks, Dermish noted that most of the babies came out “trunk intact.” She adds how the Planned Parenthood employee who reassembles the parts of the preborn child after an abortion always looks for the baby’s tiny heart, kidney, and other organs, to which another abortionist chimes in: “It’s cute.”

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