NO BOWING HERE: Trump Greets Saudi King Face-to-Face

Trump is not Obama. We can’t say that enough.

Back in 2009, Obama met the then-Saudi King Abdullah during the G-20 conference in London. He greeted him by bowing, breaking from official State Department policy that advises the President not to bow to world leaders.


This led to a lot of controversy here in the U.S. and the administration tried to deny the bow happened (imagine that!) or excuse it as a misunderstanding.

Well, jokes on them because Saudi outlets praised Obama at the time, saying that the bow was a great sign of respect.

Plus, there was photo evidence so who knows who they were trying to fool.

Well, no need for the Trump admin to lie to the public because the president greeted the King of Saudi Arabia with a firm handshake. The way it should be done.


The President arrived in the country to begin his 9-day foreign trip and was greeted by a red carpet and grandeur.

Video shows the moment Trump and the First Lady emerge from Air Force one at the Riyadh airport. The King and a translator immediately greet them.

Trump supporters were pleased with the way the President conducted himself in greeting the King. One took to Twitter to praise Trump.
Now, some of the President's supporters have taken to Twitter to call Trump's behavior 'refreshing. One person, Vinnie James, wrote: 'LOOK CAREFULLY at these two photos. The one on the RIGHT is a lesson in American exceptionalism: @FLOTUS no hijab, @POTUS no kowtow'

We couldn’t agree more!

The president is the representative of our country. Bowing indicates superiority to the other country. It shows weakness. Looking a leader in the eye is a sign of respect for that country but also a sign that the president is expecting respect in return.

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