NO CHANCE: Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe Trying to Bring Back Gun Restrictions in VA

mcauliffAt a time when most Americans are for gun rights and requesting a Republican-dominated legislature to reinstate this… this guy is either really ambitious or has no clue whats going on in the world.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D.) announced on Monday that he will seek to reinstate a restriction on gun sales that limits individuals in the state to one handgun purchase a month.

The law was repealed during the previous administration of Gov. Bob McDonnell (R.).

McAuliffe’s request for the Republican-dominated legislature to reinstate the law is likely to fall on deaf ears, according to a report by Reuters.

McAuliffe announced plans for multiple other restrictions on gun owners, such as a requirement for private vendors at gun shows to run background checks, and to revoke concealed carry permits from parents who are delinquent on child support payments, according to the report.

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