North Korea Tests ANOTHER Missile as Tensions Build Up

Tensions are high between the world and North Korea. It’s been reported that they fired a missile, and it failed miserably. Let’s pray all their tests turn out this way.

North Korea today launched a missile which exploded “within seconds” of taking off, the US and South Korea say.

According to the South Korean defence ministry, a missile was fired from an airbase in Wonsan, on North Korea’s east coast, from where several intermediate-range missiles were launched last year.

US military spokesman Dave Benham confirmed the launch and said work was being carried out on a more detailed assessment.

The failed launch is the latest in a series of tests that have raised alarm across the region.

Despite a UN ban on North Korea developing nuclear or missile technology, its tests are coming with “increasing frequency”, says the BBC.

It adds that Pyongyang “often” conducts missile tests to coincide with the joint military drills carried out by the US and South Korea each spring.

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