NOT SO GOOD AFTER ALL: ‘Good Samaritan’ Pastor Lies about Being Shot and Robbed

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Ladies and gents, this goes to show you that you never trust a pastor who dyes their hair bleach-blond.

LOUISA COUNTY, Va. – Pastor George Hunley, who yesterday said that he was robbed and shot while attempting to be a “Good Samaritan,” has been arrested for making false statements to police. Hunley told police that he stopped to help a family he believed was having car trouble in Louisa County, according to Louisa Sheriff’s Office Major Don Lowe. He told police that he saw a man, woman and infant in a blue Taurus along the side of Chalk Level Road.

When he pulled over to check on them, he told police he was robbed. A fight between the man and Hunley also allegedly ensued, in which he was shot twice.

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